Cinema Victoria

Cinema Victoria has been entertaining audiences since 1927. Almost 100 years later, it gets a new identity that looks towards the future and a logo that homages its amazing past.

The new brand has been created with a new generation of movie-goers in mind, capturing the essence of its history and paving the way for the future of cinema.

The visual identity is centered around the individual viewer's experience and the emotions that it evokes. It starts with a focus on the cinema screen and expands to infinite personal interpretations.

The brand uses bold typography and strong colors, making it eye-catching in the digital world and also applying the same ideas to print materials.

It is built on a clear system that leverages the main motion principle to create unlimited variations in all its deliveries, across all platforms.

The new Cinema Victoria is a strong, youthful and positive brand that uses bold typography, playful patterns, and a lot of motion to cater to a new generation of movie enthusiasts.


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